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Let's Talk Fabric

When talking about technical fabrics we could be here for hours. Perhaps this could be one reason why so many canvas shops state 'we only use brand X for our covers'. It would certainly make our lives easier. This is usually Sunbrella fabric which is considered by many to be the best on the market. It certainly is one of the best but considering there are so many different types of covers with varying requirements such as breathability levels, weight considerations, for example, to say Sunbrella is the best for all is not entirely correct.

Before any order is taken we advise our clients which is the most suitable fabric for their covers. This could indeed be Sunbrella, but it really depends on the purpose of the cover. We may, for example, advise you to consider a fabric which is a lighter weight fabric, or a more breathable fabric, or perhaps, if suitable for your requirements, a fabric which best matches you boat in terms of colour. 

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